Privacy Statement

Custom By Mischel will never knowingly disclose, share, circulate, sell, barter or trade your personal identifiable information, including your email address to anyone, anywhere without your express written permission.

Confidential dealings between you and Roger Mischel are always restricted internally in secure office files. Your personal identifiable information is never provided, and only so little as may be necessary on a need-to-know basis.

For example, such as involving "client measurements" and other non-specific data in order to provide Roger's master tailors so those like-minded experts can perform certain cutting tasks during the actual building process for a unique custom tailored suits in NYC.

The work performed occurs by "order number" and does not consist of any actual clientele information being circulated outside of Roger's own internal file system. No one knows you are involved, who you are, where you are or any other information about you other than measurements during construction of your custom tailored suit in NYC.

For all of those reasons above, when you do business with Roger Mischel you are assured of complete privacy and confidentiality beginning from the moment of initial contact through hand-delivery of your custom tailored suit and beyond.

Roger is not in the business of name-dropping or rumor-mill. Your business is crucial to Roger's success and he honors the terms of this privacy statement as his long-standing business doctrine. A culture of competence, a culture of honor among men.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy published on this website please feel free to contact Roger Mischel today.

If you want to buy with confidence from someone with integrity and discretion in NYC:

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Custom Made Suits NYC Culture Statement

Custom by Mischel’s custom made suits NYC are 100 percent made-to-measure. Roger Mischel will never guess or “pre-measure” any custom made suits. All custom made suits are cut-to-fit for each and every specific client’s body. Custom made suits in NYC have the look and feel of success far superior to high-volume retail stores selling off-the-rack. Roger Mischel does not utilize sales agents and provides personalized door-to-door service by appointment only. Roger is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Call Roger directly today on his cell phone at 201.960.2362.

Custom Made Suits Onsite Service Locations

Roger Mischel creates custom made suits in NYC, but many executive clients maintain offices in other cities, therefore Roger will travel to you location in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and serving executive clients in Florida. 

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