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Custom Tailored Tuxedos

A custom tailored tuxedo remains the height of fashion, culture and sophistication. Roger offers world-class fabrics and builds luxury tuxedos for society's elite social events. The actual design and style of your new custom tailored tuxedo will depend upon what type of gathering you intend to use this type of formal menswear.

When Roger considers the design and style of a custom tailored tuxedo there are many considerations. For example, Roger will consider the types and kinds of events you intend to participate in, whether a once in a lifetime family wedding or some other social gathering on opening night at a Broadway Theater.

Roger can accomplish your new sophisticated look-n-feel, whether by utilizing a traditional tailored tuxedo style or by relying upon current contemporary tuxedo style designs.

When an executive client contacts Roger to discuss an upcoming family wedding, social event or some other luxury gathering, Roger can provide fabric samples from world-class sources, including Shephards in Europe and Far East. By tradition, many high-end custom tailored tuxedos are built with Italian and English wools.

In recent years, custom tailored tuxedos are built with a variety of wool blends. Depending upon your location and the seasonal timing of your family wedding, social gathering, you will have a variety of choices and design and style selections to consider.

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Custom Made Suits NYC Culture Statement

Custom by Mischel’s custom made suits NYC are 100 percent made-to-measure. Roger Mischel will never guess or “pre-measure” any custom made suits. All custom made suits are cut-to-fit for each and every specific client’s body. Custom made suits in NYC have the look and feel of success far superior to high-volume retail stores selling off-the-rack. Roger Mischel does not utilize sales agents and provides personalized door-to-door service by appointment only. Roger is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Call Roger directly today on his cell phone at 201.960.2362.

Custom Made Suits Onsite Service Locations

Roger Mischel creates custom made suits in NYC, but many executive clients maintain offices in other cities, therefore Roger will travel to you location in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and serving executive clients in Florida. 

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